Topics: Cardiology and Rheumatology; Gastroenterology; Pulmonology and Phthisiology; Hematology; Nephrology, Urology, Sexopathology; Neurology and Psychiatry; Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases; Allergology and Immunology; Functional Morphology; Hygiene and Occupational Diseases; The Organization of Health Protection and the History of Medicine; Endocrinology and Metabolic Disorders; Physio- and Phytotherapy, Balneology; Oncology, Roentgenology, Radiology; Genetics, Pediatrics, Neonatology; Gynecology, Obstetrics; ENT Diseases; Ophthalmology; Orthopedics and Traumatology; Orthopedic Dentistry.

Published: 2017-10-15

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Section 1. Social welfare and human wellbeing in the context of globalization transformation

Section 2. Specific issues of Mental Health Care: child neuropsychiatry, support of disabled people, elderly age people; Mental Health Care in rural areas

Section 3. Innovations and developing of Mental Health Care in multicultural society

Section 4. Interdisciplinary approach in Mental Health Care