Surgical and therapeutic definitions in diseases of the pleura (reflections and recommendations on definitions)

Keywords: definitions; diseases of the pleura; diagnosis; operative interventions.


Diagnosis of the pleura diseases sometimes is not timely. Cases of false diagnosis up to 2–3 weeks or more are known. Operative interventions on the pleura are delayed in most cases, and are often performed based on unsubstantiated diagnoses, which causes confusion in statistics and misunderstandings between specialists. In our opinion, this is based on unclear definitions. Aim. To improve the results of pleural diseases diagnosis and treatment. Materials and methods. The authors justify their vision of diagnostic processes and operative interventions for pleural diseases using the analysis of 2011 diagnostic case reports and 597 operative interventions – pleurectomies. Conclusions. The authors hope that the implementation of the offered definitions will benefit our people in the conditions of Covid-19 and martial law.


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