• L. N. Churkina
  • E. A. Kiprianova
  • S. I. Bidnenko
  • K. P. Marchenko
  • E. V. Artysyuk
Keywords: preparation “Diastaph” ; batumin ointment; S. aureus; nasal carriage; eradication.


Paper disks containing 5 μg of antibiotic batumin (preparation “Diastaph”) were tested using standard disk diffusion technique against 1520 strains of bacteria (clinical isolates of different genera and type strains of staphylococci and micrococci). Presence of growth inhibition zone 17 mm and more around the disk gave evidence that the isolate belonged to the genus Staphylococcus. Method ensured quick and reliable identification of all strains of this genus. Batumin 0,1% ointment was used for treatment of nasal carriage of Staphylococcus aureus by medical staff (56 persons) in the Institute of Traumatology and Ortopedics, 5th maternity house and the Ukrainian Septic center (Kyiv) where the nasal carriage of S. aureus was diagnosed in 22, 21, and 11% of staff accordingly. It was applied locally to the anterior nares twice a day for 5–7 days. The complete eradication of S. aureus was 83,6% with batumin ointment, 73,3% and 69,4% with preparation of comparison baneacin and bactroban. Thus the proposed combination of batumin-containing disks and ointment provided reliable and quick identification of staphylococci and has show nits high effectiveness in the control of the nasal carriage of Staphylococcus hospital strains.


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