• V. S. Prokopchook Bukovinian State Medical University
Keywords: history of medicine; Chernivtsidisease; alopecia; scarletfever; thallium.


30 years have passed since the time when an epidemic of a children's disease with alopecia syndrome broke out in the city of Chernivtsi. The disease has been named «chernivtsi» disease. Fortunately, it passed without serious complications and deaths. Pathology was accompanied by significant diagnostic difficulties and received a wide public response in the Soviet Union. As a result, the «сhernivtsi» disease turned out to be an erased form of scarlet fever with alopecia syndrome. It is not excluded that the epidemic may happen again somewhere. The author believes that the knowledge gained about this disease should not be forgotten and offers to acquaint doctors with personally gained experience.


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Prokopchuk V. S. Pravda pro «CHernіvec'ku» hvorobu, abo chi ne chas postaviti krapku nad «і»? // «Vashe zdorov’ya – medichna gazeta Ukraїni» – K., 20–26.07.1996. – № 29 (165). – P. 6.

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