Combined intravenous anestesia in outpatient operativ gynecology

  • O. M. Yurchenko «Grigoriev’s Institute for Medical Radiology of National Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine», critical care department
Keywords: propofol, ketamine, non-drugs analgesics, outpatient gynecology


For the modern woman in continually accelerating rhythm of  life, outpatient gynecology becomes more popular. Many patients use it with diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, because it makes possible to monitor women's health with avoiding prolonged absence at work. In this article, effectiveness of inclusion of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents for the purpose of additional analgesia of uterus curettage and reduction of intraoperative doses of hypnotic drugs. The proposed combination of the drug retains compliance to the ambulatory anaesthesia, such as relief of pain during the procedure, absence of the effect of the presence at the surgical operation, maintenance of adequate respiratory function, absence of the cardiodepressive action, the possibility of transferring of the patient from the operating room to a general regimen ward without the intensive care unit. The time of postoperative stay of patients in the department is reduced. The number of complications is not increased.


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