Comparison of traditional Milligan-Morgan vs stapler circular hemorrhoidectomy

  • S. I. Savoliuk Shupyk National Medical Academy of postgraduate education
  • O. V. Shulyarenko Shupyk National Medical Academy of postgraduate education
  • I. M. Ignatov Clinic «Меdicom»
  • L. V. Shulyarenko Bogomolets National Medical University
  • V. G. Siryachenko Kyiv city municipal hospital N 8
Keywords: hemorrhoidectomy, operation, surgery


A comparative analysis of the surgical treatment early results for grade III-IV chronic internal hemorrhoids was made: 45 (52.33 %) patients offered stapled hemorrhoidectomy by our method (patent for useful model of Ukraine №112799 from 26.12 .2016 year, bul. №24); 41 (47.67%) patients of the second group underwent Milligan – Morgan hemorrhoidectomy. It was established that the average: surgical time, severity and duration of pain which needed the use of non-steroid anti-inflammatory analgesics, number of doses of narcotic analgesics, time to return to normal activity, and the kind and number of complications in the study group were lower than in the comparison group, which confirms the correctness of our strategy.


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