Basis of general theory of pathology (Part 1)

  • V. S. Prokopchuk Bukovinian State Medical University
Keywords: pathology, healthy, disease, aetiology, pathogenesis


Technological revolution has radically affected world outlook of doctors. Leading role of reason, logic and holistic approach in understanding of disease as well as heartfulness and compassion to a patient were replaced by numerous analyzes, high specialization of doctors and euthanasia issues. Considering own experience as a physician-pathologist of more than 50 years, the author makes an attempt to create a general theory of pathology. The author describes basic laws of pathology and analyzes meaning of norm (health), pathology (disease) and their interrelationships. The last one is regarded as a natural adaptive process. The author shows  an algorithm of cognition of pathological changes. He gives a detailed description of basic components of the pathology. He emphasizes the role of personality of a physician in cognition of a disease. The author describes some common unsolved problems and prospects of development of pathology. The article might be useful for all specialty physicians.


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