Instrumental diagnostic techniques for myocarditis: current opportunities

  • S. V. Cherniuk SI «NSC «M. D. Strazhesko Institute of cardiology» NAMS of Ukraine
  • A. S. Kozliuk SI «NSC «M. D. Strazhesko Institute of cardiology» NAMS of Ukraine
  • R. M. Kirichenko SI «NSC «M. D. Strazhesko Institute of cardiology» NAMS of Ukraine
Keywords: myocarditis, dynamic observation, global myocardial strain, edema, hyperemia, fibrosis


 The purpose of the study was to evaluate diagnostic value of cardiac magnetic-resonance imaging (MRI) and speckle-tracking echocardiography in patients with clinically suspected myocarditis. We examined 62 patients with clinically suspected myocarditis during the 1st month after the disease onset and after 12 months of observation. We report that significant dilatation of left ventricle (LV) and impairment of its systolic function due to active inflammation of the myocardium was observed within the 1st month after disease onset, after 12 months we detected the reduction of myocardial edema and hyperemia with development of fibrotic changes that was sequenced by partial recovery of LV contractile function. We suggest the association between the presence of inflammatory changes and impairment of myocardial global strain in patients with myocarditis on the 1st month after disease onset as also after 12 months of observation.


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