Aims and Scope

The aim of the Journal is to publish the highest quality materials regarding wide range of questions related to medicine.

The medical scientific and practical journal "Likars'ka sprava" founded by the Kharkiv Medical Society. The first issue of the journal was published on December 1, 1918 therefore this date is considered the opening day of the journal (1918-2018 centenary). History of its creation is up to the end not found out, but there are references to the edition of this magazine both in 1896, and in 1889). Anyway is one of the oldest journal in Ukraine.

The journal unites almost all directions of medicine, and also publishes articles on the organization of health care and history of medicine, hygiene, biology and clinical biochemistry, therapeutic orthopedics and stomatology, ophthalmology, radiology, physiotherapy and phytotherapy, genetics, a neonatology, etc. With development of medical science also are opening new divisions, for example nanomedicine.

Materials of edition are distributed according to sections:

І - cardiology;

ІІ - gastroenterology;

ІІІ - pulmonology, phthisiology;

ІV - hematology;

V - urology, nephrology, sexology;

VІ - neurology and psychiatry;

VІІ - infectious diseases;

VІІІ - immunology;

ІХ - anatomy, pathological anatomy, morphology;

X - the general hygiene;

ХІ - the organization of health care and history of medicine;

XІІ - endocrinology, gerontology;

XІІІ – professional diseases, phyto - and physical therapy, non-traditional medicine;

XIV - oncology;

XV – etc.

The members of editorial board - the leading experts in the assigned field of each division.

Materials in the journal are placed according headings: "The review", "Lectures", "Editorial", "Original researches", "To help the practicing doctor", "Experimental studies", "Environmental problems and health of the nation", etc.

The journal is widely known not only to local doctors, but also to experts of near and far abroad. It was indexing in Medline, Publine, Index medicus.